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As a Bachelor of Medicine, I found it very interesting to study the Purification program. I found it so interesting that I began the program at the Church of Scientology.

After completing the program, I noticed a tremendous upsurge in physical as well as mental well-being. Bodily I felt more energetic and healthier than ever before.

Gone is excessive tiredness, heaviness in the body and extreme nervousness. For the first time in a long while I have the feeling that my body is "at peace with itself" and not in a continuous battle trying to rid itself of the various poisons accumulated through the years.

Mentally I feel relaxed, my memory has improved a great deal and I feel much less dispersed and freer emotionally. The changes are so vast that I must say that this program has changed my life and my only wish is that these discoveries by L. Ron Hubbard will be broadly implemented to handle our "drug society" which is in so much need of them.


I did the Purification Rundown shortly after getting started in Scientology. I was amazed at the changes it produced in me.

It enhanced my perceptions and as a fine artist this is invaluable. It also helped increase my speed in completing my artwork. I was far less moody and much more stable mentally than ever before. These factors allowed me to be more successful in my business relationships and with people in general.

It was a great experience.


I did use drugs in college, during the "hippie" years. When I found out about this program I was curious. I wondered whether it really had the capability to remove traces of drugs from the system. I had been curious for some time whether elements like this might exist, affecting me in the present.

I did the Purification program and the results were amazing. During the early part I felt for days like I was "stoned." I would get up in the morning in a mental fog. It was definitely reminiscent of the old times when it was miserable to go to work and the future seemed unimportant. My reaction to "pressure" situations was just to go "to hell with it" and ignore it. After some time on this program this went away, and by the time I was done I felt more bright and awake than I have ever felt. It even made me wonder whether I might have been affected before my college years by other drugs such as medical drugs and food preservatives. I definitely never felt so alert as when I was in high school.

It has been a couple of years since I did the program, but this feeling has persisted. I have been confronting my life and my work with more vigor, and I now see other people around me with the same kind of "tiredness" or whatever it was that I used to think was just part of life. One interesting note is I now get along with much less sleep than I used to. Even when I have a day off and "sleep in" I just wake up at the normal time anyway!


I had used drugs ranging from marijuana to cocaine as well as others in between for three years. I was failing in school, disliked myself and had absolutely no inkling as to what I was doing or where I was going in life. The only time I had "fun" was when I was high on drugs. I then started the Purification Rundown and finished it in several weeks.

I have been a changed person ever since! My IQ raised fifteen points from the time I started to completion of the Purification Rundown. I am alive, I no longer have a fog around me--I can see what is really going on in life rather than living in a "fairyland." I have been off drugs for six years now and I am a productive person in society.

The Purification Rundown completely changed my life.


Before doing the Purification Rundown my energy level was inconsistent, often low. The appropriate actions (more sleep, exercise, proper nutrition) were not handling it. It was hard to set a schedule without being able to predict my energy levels. Something was wrong with my body.

Now that I’ve completed the Purification Rundown I feel that I can function quite well on a reasonable amount of sleep and exercise. I feel like I can count on having enough energy to work full time and have some free time as well. I feel CLEAN!


I did the Purification Rundown on an executive schedule and in the beginning I was worried that my days were already too packed to be able to get through it. Within two weeks my energy level was up and I was doing more than ever. My ability to think clearly and make decisions was markedly improved.

After completing the rundown I became Vice-President of Marketing for an international cable company. I was able to complete all my work in just a few hours with my new energy level and for the first time in years had my evenings and weekends free. The Purification Rundown benefited my life tremendously.


The end result of my Drug Rundown: the complete restoration of my desire to succeed to the stage of life in my teens when I was very straight-laced, honest, no drugs or alcohol and so full of life and enthusiasm and fun, when everything was new and wonderful and I could do anything. All I had to do was decide I wanted something to happen and it happened. That state has been restored to me now. (I’m fifty- three.) What a win.


When I completed the Drug Rundown I had many realizations. For one thing, my awareness improved and I became more alive in the present, and stopped thinking about the past.

I saw what drugs had done to me and how still, many years after I took drugs, they had influenced my life. I realized that when I was taking drugs, I thought "I feel great," but it was only in my imagination and completely contrary to the truth. By doing the Drug Rundown I was able to get rid of the harmful effects drugs had on me as an individual.


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