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A proper schedule with enough rest is mandatory, as the body will be undergoing change and repair throughout the program.

Once the person has been freed from the harmful effects of these drug residues and other toxins, he is in a far better position to improve as a spiritual being, something many thousands of people have attested to.

After the release of the program in 1980, news of L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthrough reached medical circles and the scientific community. Since then, numerous studies of his method of detoxification have been undertaken – studies which validate the tremendous workability of the program.

In 1973, a disaster occurred in the state of Michigan. Cattle feed had mistakenly been contaminated with a toxic fire retardant. The subsequent contamination of milk, meat and other products was widespread, and five years later, 97 percent of the residents of the state had detectable amounts of the fire retardant in their fatty tissues. A group of Michigan residents had been monitored since the initial contamination and the concentration of the toxin had not reduced. The doctors monitoring the study concluded that the toxins were there to stay.

In 1982, a group of these subjects was put through the Purification program. Biopsies of fatty tissue before and after showed a decrease of the fire retardant and other toxins of over 20 percent. A follow-up examination four months later proved even more significant: Levels of toxins continued to decrease after the program had been completed and showed an average decrease of over 40 percent of the toxins.

The deadly chemical dioxin – Agent Orange – was used to defoliate trees during the Vietnam War. Exposure to the chemical resulted in dioxin poisoning of American servicemen. Years later no effective handling had been developed. Then a Florida cardiologist conducting tests on a person who had been exposed to the chemical but who had done the Purification program, found that his patient’s level of the chemical had reduced by 29 percent immediately after the program and an astounding 97 percent eight months later – and that all symptoms of dioxin poisoning had disappeared. These and other similarly impressive studies validate the workability of the Purification program.

L. Ron Hubbard’s Purification program is the solution to the blight of drugs. Hundreds of thousands of people have been freed from the harmful effects of drugs and other toxins through its use. Many who have completed the program report that, along with eradicating any craving for drugs, they can see or hear better than before, that they are able to learn new subjects much more easily, that they get along better with people, and that they generally feel healthier and happier.

The entire program is explained in detail in the book Clear Body, Clear Mind: The Effective Purification Program, including the discoveries which led to its development and an exact description of how and why it works. One can read this book and then, by following the procedures detailed in the text, administer the Purification program to himself to detoxify his own body.

Despite their glorification by drug companies, psychiatrists, the media and the pusher in the streets, one is much better off without drugs.

Until such time as drug companies reform and science can give us advances that are not double-edged swords, the individual will have to contend with these factors.

In the eyes of many legislators, social scientists, educators and others, the drug problem is the most serious threat to our society. Drug companies, psychiatrists and criminal elements make billions in profits while shoving these deleterious and even lethal substances at the peoples of Earth. L. Ron Hubbard’s Purification program has proven itself to be the most effective action one can take to free himself from the biochemical devastation caused by drugs.

After more than a decade of successful application and validation by independent researchers, that fact is indisputable.

Over 100,000 people have been freed from the effects of drugs using this technology and thousands more join the roster each month.

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