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Additionally, technological advances this century have produced many unfavorable byproducts harmful to an individual’s well-being. Smog, for instance, was unknown before the rise of manufacturing centers in Britain. Every major city on Earth now advises its inhabitants daily about the quality of air they are breathing. A hundred years ago, the main food preservatives were salt or ice. Today, nearly any packaged food has a list of the artificial ingredients it contains that is longer than the list of natural ingredients. Environmental disasters such as Chernobyl, to say nothing of radiation exposure from widespread nuclear bomb testing, did not exist fifty years ago.

There is no escaping our contaminated civilization and, furthermore, it has been found that these substances can put individuals in a condition which prevents personal improvement.

The drug problem was not of major concern in 1950 when L. Ron Hubbard released Dianetics. By the 1960s, however, the frightful specter of drugs had arrived and Mr. Hubbard’s research showed that this was a major barrier to a person’s spiritual betterment. Drugs, he discovered, affect the mind adversely and block any progress in auditing.

The way a being perceives much of existence is via the sensory channels of the body. The body is a communications center for the being, with the brain acting as a switchboard for translating thought into action. The biochemical actions of drugs alter the normal operations of this pattern, often with harmful or even disastrous consequences.

L. Ron Hubbard researched this barrier to spiritual freedom long before it was recognized by others as the huge social concern it is today. His work yielded a truly effective handling for the adverse biochemical effects of drugs and other toxins.

He made the discovery that residues from drugs and other toxins lodge in the fatty tissues of the body and stay there, even years after they have been ingested. And that these residues can continue to affect the individual adversely long after the effect of the drug has apparently worn off. Such deposits have been known to cause lessened perception, tiredness, confused thinking and a host of other symptoms in people – all of which are counter to what is being achieved through auditing. Cases have been documented where a person reexperienced the effects of LSD years after having taken the drug.

Realizing that this biochemical factor had to be handled before any lasting spiritual gain could be made through auditing, L. Ron Hubbard devised what independent researchers acknowledge as the most effective detoxification program in existence, the Purification program.

Developed solely as a handling for this barrier to spiritual gain caused by drugs, the Purification program is a carefully designed combination of exercise, vitamins, nutrition and sauna use which dislodges drug residues and other toxins from the fatty tissues so that these substances can then be eliminated from the body. A person undergoing the program is closely monitored by specially trained personnel in liaison with medical doctors to ensure that each aspect of the program is administered correctly and the desired benefits are attained.

On the Purification Rundown, running is done to get the blood circulating deeper into the tissues where toxic residuals are lodged and thus act to loosen and release the accumulated harmful deposits and get them moving.

Very important, then, is that the running is immediately followed by sweating in the sauna to flush out the accumulations which have now been dislodged.

Regular nutrition and supplemental nutrition in the form of megavitamin and mineral dosages and extra quantities of oil are a vital factor in helping the body to flush out toxins and to repair and rebuild the areas that have been affected by drugs and other toxic residuals.

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