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Getting the person into present time is not the total answer, however. The actual incidents from his reactive mind associated with drugs must also be addressed in auditing. Drugs scramble the mind to such a degree that freeing the person from these effects requires a precise and thorough approach.

First, experiences the person had while taking drugs are addressed using exact auditing procedures, and the charge in the reactive mind which has accumulated around these incidents is released. Attention that had been fixated by drugs, medicines and alcohol is freed, and the mental masses brought about by drugs are erased.

Drug taking invariably has numerous unwanted physical sensations, emotions, attitudes and other feelings connected with it. So the next stage of a Drug Rundown entails auditing on unwanted feelings connected with specific drugs taken by the person. These are addressed one by one and fully handled, freeing the person from their effects.

L. Ron Hubbard found, though, that people begin taking drugs for a reason: To ease the agony of a physical condition, to numb themselves against certain situations in their lives, to relieve boredom, to feel better; the number of possible reasons is as great as the number of people taking drugs. By taking drugs the person was trying to handle or cure something. At the bottom, then, the drug problem is essentially spiritual. The being in some way hurt and was led into the false solution that drugs could cure this. The solution, as many learned the hard way, turned out to be a trap from which there was no true escape until the drug-handling technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

A vital part of the Drug Rundown, then, includes finding the pains, emotions, sensations, feelings, etc., the person was suffering from – for which drugs became the cure. When these are found, each is addressed in auditing. Unless the reasons a person went on to drugs in the first place are resolved, the person is forever left with the original condition for which drugs were a "solution."

When the original problem has been addressed, the person himself is at last free from any effects of drugs and free from the need to take them. The full solution to the drug problem thus consists of handling all aspects of drug taking.

On Earth today, drugs are very, very big business. We live in a society where human values are routinely shunted aside for the economic concerns connected with drugs, both legal and illegal. The cost in crime, the cost in trying to control the problem, the cost in inefficiency, the cost simply in lives lived under the numbing influence of drugs cannot be calculated. For to do that, one would have to put a price on life itself.

So, what price the headache remedies, the soporifics, the pain relievers, the antidepressants that fill our medicine cabinets? What price the amphetamines given our schoolchildren, turning them into drug-dependent people? What price the narcotics that are used to negate a painful existence? What price the recreational drugs that provide escape from the boredom of affluence? What price these shackles that keep from us the sensations and joys of living itself?

A drug war rages on this planet. L. Ron Hubbard recognized the drug problem long before it became an international concern. And he developed a technology people can use to free themselves from this trap and remain free of it.

His technology is the weapon that can win this war.

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